Imagine a universe where audiovisual creation pulsates with energy and vitality, where each tool becomes a powerful instrument and each project, a work of art that deeply touches us. This is the promise of ONE MEDIA GRID, a stage where technology merges with art with passion, elevating the professional to a new level of expression.

A platform that handles multiple tasks with precision and efficiency, from the first line of the script to the climax of distribution. Multidisciplinary teams work in perfect harmony, connected by intuitive tools, regardless of distance. Artificial intelligence becomes a strategic assistant, guiding decisions with wisdom and insight.

ONE MEDIA GRID will not just be a platform, but the key to the future of audiovisual creation. It will be the union of technology with art, of intelligence with passion, that will elevate the industry to a level never before imagined.


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ONE MEDIA GRID offers innovative tools to respond to the main challenges of the audiovisual sector



ONE MEDIA GRID offers a complete range of solutions to help professionals in the audiovisual industry overcome its challenges

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This is the latest survey we are conducting among professionals in the audiovisual sector in Portugal. We are gathering valuable information to better serve the needs of the industry. Your contribution is important.


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